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          About Us
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          Sichuan Shenhong Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.
          is a private stock-holding chemical industry enterprise with a history of more than 20 years in producing and management. It has focused on producing sodium sulfate anhydrous and sodium sulfide flakes in different specification and some related products.

          Shenhong Chemical has 24 square KM mine resources, it means its salt cake reserves comes to 500 million metric tons and can produce sodium sulfate anhydrous more than 100 million metric tons. Based on the production capacity in existence, the annual production of sodium sulfate anhydrous reaches to 300,000 metric tons. During production, we adopted advanced six-effect vacuum evaporation process and the Sodium Sulfate Anhydrous quality meets the first grade of class-I in terms of GB/T6009-2003 standard and consequently it has been awarded the certificate of the system of quality certification by ISO9001:2000. As the ceaseless technical innovation and productivity enhancement, the total production capacity of sodium sulfide flakes from the three production plants reaches to 120,000 metric tons and all these products meet the standard of GB/T10500-2009 first grade. Above two products are widely used in the industry of fine chemicals, printing, dyeing, detergent, mine selection, paper making and in manufacturing pharmaceuticals, glass and leathers.

          After 20 years development, Shenhong  chemical now possesses RMB 400 million total assets, its annual revenue is nearly 400 million while the tax reaches 30 million and more than 700 employees, of whom many are outstanding technicians, administrators and professional salesmen, all these established a solid foundation for the further development of the company.

          The sales net has already covered around more than 20 domestic provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, meanwhile, overseas market also developed to more than 20 countries and regions in Asia, Mid-east, America, African and Europe.

          Not only keeping an eye on profits, the company also pays much attention to environmental protection. In this aspect we have passed the environmental examination administered by the provincial government by increasing interest in environmental protection and improving related facilities.

          Shenhong Chemical will continuously improve its capacity of management and product development so as to provide more choice products to customers, and create more wealth and provide more opportunities for the society.

          All SHENHONG people warmly welcome wide cooperation with friends from all fields.


          Shenhong Chemical Industry

          CONTACT US

          Shenhong Chemical Industry

          Add: Yongxing Industrial park, Mingshan District, Yaan City,Sichuan Province,China

          Sales Manager: Ms. Monica

          E-mail: shenhong@shjt.cn

          Mobile: +86 15828056148